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In a nutshell

Become part of something big.

We’re looking for people to join our team who are as excited as we are to help build solutions that empower humanity, value their digital presence, and offer complete freedom of connection through decentralization.

More than just a workplace!

Labeled Startup Act, Pepolls™ is a Tunisian startup that aims to change the digital world in general and the social networks in particular by integrating blockchain technology in a creative and smart way.

Based on polls, we aim to create a new definition of human digital presence and connect them in a proactive way and in an autonomous, decentralized and self-sovereign space.

Our mission is to redefine data governance, to reinvigorate the lost concepts of transparency, privacy and meritocracy. (But our challenges won’t stop here).

We believe that

Awesome solutions are made by awesome people.

Awesome doesn’t mean perfect. Getting the right people and chemistry is more important than the right idea. We trust our teams and believe in creating a candid, creative, collaborative environment where great ideas can thrive.

Select your next mission with us.

Internship (PFE)

We're looking for motivated students to join our team and develop an e-learning platform where users can work on different projects while being supported by documentation, videos and live chats with professionals.
3 to 6 months