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Pepolls’ story.

It all started with the dream of a young person who loves technology and believes in its potential to make a positive impact in the world.

Breaking point

As digital citizens, we leave an ever-growing breadcrumb trail of personal data behind us every second of every day.

DATA is new gold.

We are here to build the next generation of internet that serves the interests of users while empowering them to achieve an equitable digital society where everyone can benefit from their digital presence and end humanity’s challenges.

We must learn from the past to build a better future.


No one can deny the fact that Web 2.0 has been helping humanity to evolve, succeeded to bring the world together around common topics, and served to make communication easier between all parties. Yes, we are fighting for privacy and user rights, but we should not ignore the fact that big data has enhanced companies to provide us with user-centric and impressive solutions for our daily life challenges.


In the last few years, Web 3.0 has come as a solution to generate wealth for the digital world, decentralize our activities, and protect our data but many perceived it as a financial and reality escape. Indeed, this technology is an innovation toward a more secure digital world but we are aware that its use-cases are still challenging to newbies and do not bring real solutions to the world challenges.

PepollsTM ecosystem

Web 5 generation

We aim for a genuine internet revolution, where we combine web 2.0 and 3.0 technologies to launch human-centered solutions that balance social, economic progress and human problem solving in a system that strongly integrates cyber and physical space to provide communities with global transparency, governance, distribution, participation and collaboration on all levels and we believe in a decentralized future where users can take control of their own data rather than hand it over to third parties. In doing so, we are creating a digital infrastructure that allows everyone to participate in their community on their own terms, and this is how we envision it:

Together, as a team, we can design the future of human digital presence.

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