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Gifted minds with duty.

Driven by commitment.

We are here to provide the world with the necessary solutions, powered by the latest technologies, to proactively improve digital experiences on all levels.

We strive for high standards based on diversity, governance and Data autonomy.

We are a movement

Pepolls is a movement of digital citizens who believe that by coming together, we can create an even better world by using technology to enable individuals and entities to effectively participate in creating our own future while maintaining a unique and private identity.

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Our mission

We strive to provide individuals and entities with solutions that will enable them to be change agents in their own communities while generating value through their presence.

Our approch

We focus particularly on communities, enabling them to use their own digital presence to advocate for the values they hold and enable them to thrive and succeed in the world.

Our vision

We work to fulfill humanity’s potential and build a world where we cooperate and focus on solving humanity issues, all together.

Our values

We authenticate ourselves to our community and believe in giving everyone the ability to control what counts as their self-worth and with what value they authenticate themselves.

Meet the team.

Creative and outside-the-box thinkers eager to make game-changing Dapps for humanity.


CEO – Founder


COO – Co-Founder


CFO – Co-Founder

Ben Rhouma

Chief Technology Officer


Blockchain Tech-Lead


Mobile app developer


Web developer

Seif Allah
Ben Ahmed

Front-end Developer