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Our ambassadors

Dedicated leaders to transform people’s online presence.

Pepolls’ ambassador program is an exclusive group of determined, motivated and like-minded people. A community built for those who believe in the right of people to own their data, to be in control of their future and to be the decision-makers of their society.

Through our program, ambassadors get development tools and experiences, receive products to test, connect to a network of people with common interests, and enjoy a great team of supporters. This partnership opens up new opportunities for them and us to make a difference in our communities and beyond.

As an ambassador, you are not just a partner, you are an extension of our brand and an inspiration to our users.

How it works


Complete your application and you will receive an email within 2 weeks of applying.


Join the network of Pepolls ambassadors from around the world, participate in our events and discover our joint internal opportunities.


Tell your friends, family and network about Pepolls and earn rewards with your unique shared code.

Your mission as an ambassador

Online activities

As our brand ambassador, you will be invited to strengthen our digital presence through your online presence on other platforms. Your contribution will help us reach and engage more people to join a new network and grow our community.

Our team will provide you with a variety of needed content about Pepolls to share on your accounts and create excitement within your network!

Tell people why you love Pepolls Dapps!

Become an ambassador

Offline activities

You will be invited to participate in our Ambassador training program and meet new people at our events to talk about Pepolls and strengthen your understanding of new technologies and concepts.

Our team will provide you with the knowledge to help you increase your performance and soft skills to make a lasting impact in your career.

It’s about developing your network and ours and you will have more than one opportunity to socialize and meet new people!

Become an ambassador

Pepolls ambassadors perks.

VIP access.

Be part of our innovation team, share your ideas with us and get early access to our products launches.


Receive rewards for your activities and involvement and attend our exclusive members-only events.


We love to make the experience more exciting and enjoyable, so we challenge our members.

Together, as a team, we can design the future of human digital presence.

Get to know us through our solutions.

Autonomous and decentralized platforms.

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