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Pepolls empowers
your digital presence.

Pepolls is here to reshape your relationship with your customers by bringing you closer to understanding their needs while boosting your sales and marketing performance.

Understand, engage and convert with Pepolls

The ideal tool to develop an agile customer approach.

Understand your market.

Poll your audience and find answers.

Use polls to reach your audience and get valuable insights directly from them. By zooming in on these responses, you’ll be able to refine your marketing efforts to truly attract new leads, shift your digital presence toward goals and aspirations, and get on the same page with your prospects.

This will allow you to develop new, groundbreaking solutions that will ultimately help position your brand in the marketplace and capture your leads’ attention while creating an interactive social experience with them that drives engagement and loyalty.

Pepolls allows you to interact with your audience in person to engage with them and gain a clear understanding of their needs and expectations.

Connect and engage.

Discuss with your leads and develop your network of peers.

Communication is the key to a sustainable relationship! Having discussions and exchanging ideas about your offering is the way to understand your prospects and make the most of this relationship for the long-term sustainability of your business.

Pepolls creates a relationship based on the exchange of knowledge, ideas and opinions with customers, which demonstrates that you value their feedback and use it to create value based on their needs, improve your business and make the relationship successful for both of you.

Stop advertising.
Start monetizing.

Get out of the intrusive advertising cycle and start building a shared value relationship with your customers.

Join the Pepolls network and stop paying a third party to reach your prospects to simply tell them you exist! Reward them with tokens for interacting with your ad and stimulate their willingness to test your product/service afterwards on Pestore so you can recover what you invested and do the same for your next campaign.

Use Pepolls monetization feature to boost your polls, attract new leads and convert them into customers while investing in your target audience instead of paying to intercept their digital experience.

Item No.

01. Research.

Obtain direct insight from your audience and adjust your offer to their demands.

Item No.

02. Analyse.

Get valuable insights that allow you to explore the full potential of your market.

Item No.

03. Explore.

Discover the endless possibilities of markets you never reached before.

Unleash the full potential of your business.

Integrate Pepolls in your business development strategy.


Understand your market.

Poll your target audience and get a clear understanding of your market while strengthening your brand presence.

Involve your customers.

Get the right opinion, feedback and proposal directly from your audience to create significant business value.

Build your community.

Develop an effective social presence for your business by connecting with your audience and building a relationship of shared value.

Attract new customers.

Gain exposure by monetizing your polls while attracting the right audience for your business.

Capture sales leads.

Stimulate the need and prepare your audience to test your added value by offering them a portion of the prize.

Show them that you care.

Gain the trust and loyalty of your audience while valuing their interactions and tailoring your business to their needs.

Expand your network.

Generate brand advocates by rewarding your audience while building a stronger, more effective customer relationship.