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Embrace the power of your brand’s digital presence.

Pepolls for Business is your brand’s opportunity to understand, engage and extend your reach by rewarding your audience for their interactions and demonstrating your awareness of their data value.

Raise your brand’s digital presence standard with Pepolls.

A peer-to-peer connection with your audience.

Pepolls is a Blockchain-based social network that offers your brand a social experience in an autonomous and self-sovereign environment with a new concept of digital marketing based on a peer-to-peer connection and reward system. Pepolls merges social, commerce and entertainment to engage your prospects and convert them into real customers.
For companies

Convert your leads
into real customers.

Pepolls for companies
For medias

Real-time interactions
with your audience.

Pepolls for medias
For organizations

Engage more people
in your mission.

Pepolls for organizations
For events

Make your events
more interactive.

Pepolls for events

From a space for networking to a powerful advertising tool!

Pepolls offers creative and value-added features that will strengthen your digital presence to positively impact your marketing activities, improve your value proposition and boost your performance.
Create meaningful interactions with your leads.

Instead of posting about the value you offer to make sure you’re there, ask your targets and customers and create valuable interaction that helps your brand deliver better value to them.

Discuss the value you offer with your prospects.

Stop seeking comments and get into a live discussion between and with your leads. Explore most of the topics and observe their reactions to everything.

Get inspired by your polls results

It’s not about “numbers” anymore, but about your human-centered poll results. Your audience’s responses will appear in real time to help you better understand their opinions as you go.

Technology to elevate our human experience.

Restoring trust in data trading for the future of humanity.

Welcome to a blockchain-based advertising system designed to validate identity and give humans back control over their data.
Unique user profile

High verification standards ensure clean, verified traffic. No more fake profiles, but real people with valuable insights.

Data monetization

Valuable data is no longer sold for free – Valorize your audience’s data while advertising your content.

Data Processing

It is no longer a matter of choice, the Internet society is now aware of its Data value, rights and privacy.

Cost-effective advertising

Ensure cost-effective and efficient advertising with smart ROI opportunities by monetizing content and rewarding leads.

The future of marketing starts here!

The new era of monetized advertisement.

Make your online advertising delightful for your audience by sharing value with them and rewarding their interactions and data.
Gives value to people Data.

Unlike other platforms, we value people’s data and Pecoin token is made for that. You can use it to boost your polls and reach new customers.

Rewarding audience interactions.

Instead of paying third-party platforms, your converted tokens will be used to reward your audience for their interaction with the boosted polls.

Smart ROI opportunity.

You are able to recollect your invested Tokens directly from your leads by inviting them to test your value on your Pestore account.

It doesn’t stop here

Pestore is coming soon

Stop advertising, start monetizing

Why pay to show off when you can reward to understand, convert, retain and more?