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Pepolls engages
your audience.

Pepolls is here to amplify the impact of your production by unlocking a two-way connection to share your content and information while providing constant real-time interactions and keeping the audience engaged.

Connect, engage and retain with Pepolls

Your go-to interaction tool for hybrid show.

Connect with your audience.

Engage your online public with live polls.

Pepolls gives you what you need to engage your audience, capture their attention and make everyone feel connected – whether you’re conducting a show, interview or delivering a message in your production.

Turn your one-way show into engaging conversations with live polls. Ask people what they think or feel and get their feedback in real-time.

Gain valuable insights from your polls, find out how many people participated and export your poll results for further analysis.

Improve your audience’s retention.

Invite your online audience for an open discussion.

Whether it’s discussing the concerns of the general public, the details and nuances of a certain topic, or introducing a new movie, Pepolls will help you educate your audience on a particular topic, share relevant details, and invite questions and concerns to be addressed; it will also help you educate your audience on a certain topic, with facts, knowledge, and the different points of view surrounding it through a hybrid exchange between you, your guests, and them.

This will make your channel an effective medium for society and make your audience more engaged and interested in your content, which will directly impact your retention rate.


Trend your Production.

Your audience can use the Trend feature to put your creation out there. Captivate your audience, engage them and incentivize them to earn the trending place in the community.

Item No.

01. Research.

Obtain direct insight from your audience and adjust your content to their demands.

Item No.

02. Analyse.

Get valuable insights that allow you to explore the full potential of your market.

Item No.

03. Explore.

Discover the endless possibilities of markets you never reached before.

Unlock the full potential of your mission.

Integrate Pepolls
in your production.


Collect insights.

Gather valuable insights about anything you ask

Highlight topics.

Focus on specific, trending or ongoing topics and opinions

Raise awareness.

Underline any issues and solutions with trends

Attract audience.

Put your production to the world

Expand your reach.

Gain more market penetration rate

Collaborate with your community.

Involve your audience and ensure a more catered-to-public production