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Pepolls energize
your events.

Pepolls is an engagement catalyst for your attendees. Ask questions, receive instant insights, and interact with your audience live in one place. Using blockchain technology, Pepolls provides a secure and user-friendly experience for your audience to get the most out of your events by bridging the gap between them and the speakers.

Connect, engage and build with Pepolls.

The ultimate interaction tool for live events.

Poll your attendees.

Engage with your audience and allow them to participate.

Engaged audience members participate more, learn more, and are happier. Engagement means good things for your event too – engaged attendees tend to rate events higher and walk away with a better experience. Pepolls creates a democratic environment where everyone can have an equal say which keeps your audience’s attention on your event and not elsewhere. Polls can be used throughout sessions to act as check-in points to test or remind.

Instant and reliable survey results

Collect real time insights from your audience

To benefit from attendees’ feedback, Pepolls provide organizers with valuable insights that can be used in real-time or post-event. Use polls results to shape future events or gather input from stakeholders. With Pepolls you have all of your poll insights available which can help you measure the success of your event and whether you hit your goals. It is an opportunity to analyze community feedback across different demographics. Capture community insights and layer reporting feature to better understand your community’s needs.

Let everyone participate.

Give everyone the opportunity to interact with the stage.

Pepolls allow more diverse groups of people to participate in the discussion. Tailor your engagement and outreach projects to underserved or hard-to-reach members of your community and give them an equal voice. Through debate, start a conversation with your audience and let them generate, participate and interact with your value proposition. Boost advocacy by improving direct communication with your audience and allowing them to discuss and present their ideas and the impact they can bring to your project.

Trend your event

Develop success pathways to your proposed value.

Through Pepolls, encourage members of your community to trend the event in order to reach a new audience and future participants.

By integrating Pepolls in your event, put your value proposition and the theme of the event in the spotlight to give it the impact it deserves.

Post-event insights and information are the hardest to get across. With Pepolls, engage your participants in your communication and make them advocate for the value you offer by hitting the trend button.

Item No.

01. Engage.

Obtain direct insight from your audience and adjust your event to their demands.

Item No.

02. Analyse.

Get valuable insights that allow you to explore the full potential of your attendees.

Item No.

03. Explore.

Discover the endless possibilities of audiences you never reached before.

Make your events more interactive.

Use Pepolls in your event
and make it more inclusive.


Collect insights

Gather valuable insights about anything you ask.

Highlight topics

Trend your event program and stakeholders.

Attract audience

It's not about the place where it happens, it's about the whole world.

Collaborate with your community

Involve your audience and ensure a more catered-to-public event.