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Pepolls maximizes
your impact.

Pepolls is here to strengthen your impact on communities by spreading your voice while expanding your reach and refining your research with effective insights.

Understand, involve and assemble the community with Pepolls

A powerful tool to mobilize communities & fulfill missions.

It is all about people’s opinions!

Jumpstart participation with Polls.

Pepolls is an open online environment that allows people to highlight their likes, needs, dislikes and preferences through polls and make their results accessible and easy to analyze for your organization.

Understanding the emotions and motivations behind your audience’s behaviors allows you to develop effective strategies and use this information to make better decisions, develop better solutions, tackle societal issues more effectively, and attract more advocates to your cause.

As fundamental as your cause is for a better world, people’s opinions are important for the implementation of your values. Use polls and understand what the people around you think, want and need.

Make community-informed decisions.

Remove barriers and give people an easy way to get involved.

Include more diverse groups of people in the conversation. Tailor your engagement and outreach projects to hard-to-reach and underserved members of your community and give them an equal voice.

Pepolls invites your community to discover, develop shared values and allows them to express their own interests. It helps your people increase their understanding and stimulates their decision to act together to achieve common goals. Through dialogue, participants can question and re-evaluate their assumptions.

Join the Pepolls network and debate topics by sparking a conversation about important issues, causes, and problems in the world. Advocacy begins with the simple act of talking about it.

Assemble and mobilize communities.

Change the world one trend at a time.

By bringing together as many stakeholders as possible to raise awareness of a particular issue and strengthen community participation in sustainability and self-reliance, much can be accomplished when people from different parts of the community share a common goal and actively participate in identifying needs and finding solutions.

We believe that trends should be based on the democratic idea that anyone concerned about an issue that impacts their community should bring it to light. Moreover, this idea holds the promise that public participation can influence decisions that affect the position of society, visions of the future, and the sustainability of our communities.

Pepolls’ trending feature will help you gain visibility and reach potential supporters, contributors and advocators. Your community can trend your polls to promote your cause and get your message out to the world.

Item No.

01. Research.

An effective way to gauge general public opinion with a single question.

Item No.

02. Analyse.

Acquire extra quantitative data around key questions that provide additional context.

Item No.

03. Explore.

Discover the endless possibilities of your impact and work toward what matters.

Unlock the full potential of your mission.

Integrate Pepolls in your
organization’s development.


Understand communities, know your impact

Identify needs and take action. Polling your audience will help you get valuable insights on your matter.

Focus on what matters to your community.

Initiate discussions and raise awareness in your community about the topics you are working on.

Rethink the role of your community

Today’s fastest-growing organizations are community-driven. Work closer with them to engage more to your mission.

Grow your community and reach new leads.

Work closely with your community, get discovered by new leads and fulfill goals in your mission.

Collaborate with your community.

Build a strong relationship with your community and involve people in your mission, the more the marrier.