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Made easy to help you engage with your audience.

Pepolls is based on peer-to-peer connection, which helps you deliver an exceptional experience, understand your network and identify their top needs.

Dynamise your digital presence.

We make polling
simple and friendly.

Understand your community so you can provide value in the way they expect it. Polls will give you the opportunity to establish a strong connection with your audience by creating a relationship based on interaction and engagement.

More than just a way to reach out to your network, community or customers to show and prove your existence, Pepolls is the social network that uses polls to connect with your target audience and engage them in your experience, service and product development by polling them and gathering valuable information about their preferences, opinions and ideas.

Maintain Humanlike Relationships.

Everybody talks,
why not your brand!

“You can run around in circles looking for new leads and get short-term gains, but it’s the connection you make with your customers that creates long-term sustainability.”

The relationship between brand and customer is a unique bond that can have positive outcomes for both parties as customers develop trust in the brand and view them as partners. Brands become more human to customers and gain meaning and value.

Pepolls Debate is a method of engaging customers in personalized, dialogue-driven experiences on a one-to-one level, allowing your brand to listen and gain unique insights about customers while delivering your value. It also allows you to build personalized engagement with convenient and easily accessible digital experiences while meeting privacy expectations.

Get your brand on track with the trend.

The opportunity is about what is happening now!

We know that trends allow brands to break market boundaries, bring new ideas and opportunities to light, and allow businesses to communicate their values diversely. But does the current trend model meet these expectations?

At Pepolls, we recognize that what’s algorithm-based is exactly what other platforms need to keep their users online, that’s why our trending feature is built based on physical human action and conscious choice giving you the ability to understand what they are into and what really matters to them.

Pepolls’ trending functionality allows your brand to connect to what your audience needs and not just a hive of ephemeral activity.

Don’t be intrusive, knock on the door!

Present your ads as an opportunity, not an interruption.

We invite you to ask yourself a question: why did all the other platforms put the skip button in their ads?

Digital advertising can be messy. It can be inaccurate, intrusive and even offensive. There is often a lack of transparency about how data is used, in addition to distrust between customers and brands.

We are here to revolutionize the concept of advertising and empower brands to move forward in a new and better way, addressing everything from customer privacy to return on ad spend. Pepolls’ monetization feature, built with blockchain technology, allows your brand to offer meaningful interactions and valuable engagement with your target audience.