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Create a hybrid connection.

It’s easy to connect with new people in the age of Internet 2.0. But what about the sustainability of this connection? Are we exchanging the right and needed values? Are we really able to keep the values we are providing up to date in a rapidly changing world, especially in the age of social networks, fast fashion and trends? And finally, are we in control of what matters to our personal values?

The People Model is a new way to connect to the world and build real, lasting relationships while getting instant insights directly from each other to provide more valuable and seamless experiences while respecting each other’s privacy and sharing values for the benefit of each party.

The People model enables everyone to build a sustainable connection based on shared values and peer-to-peer interactions.

1. Connect
Encourage new people to interact with you and connect with your value.
2. Understand
Refresh your value and know what to offer based on real insight.
3. Engage
Create a direct link between you and your community based on open discussions.
4. Encourage
Incentivize your community members to take their first action and test your value.

A human-centered approach at the core of the process.

The People Model was designed by humans who believe that our digital presence can be intelligently reshaped into a win-win contract and that the relationship between us on a digital level should be based on a peer-to-peer connection. The People Model was developed in this way, but the approach can be applied to all industries, businesses, domains and communities.

So, how does it work?

The People model.

Far from the algorithmic model where you sign up to be the product and are forced to follow the roles dictated by the platform owner. You, your organization or your product, or whatever value you bring to the world, are the center of your UNIVERSE. Around them are all the people who interact with you and other community members in different ways and in various amounts.

Some may be very active members who are closer, others may just subscribe to your newsletter or interact with one of your posts and are further away. These different types of connections are your COMMUNITY levels.

Community levels and their members are the keys to creating real community value.

To reach your full value potential, the People Model uses a simple human-based approach and represents it with a simple equation:

+ Reach
+ Poll
+ Discuss

= Trend
+ Convert

Reach new community in a creative way.

Communities mean experiences. This is where our worlds collide. Community is at the heart of who we are! Our vision is to see the multiplication of communities that transform our towns, cities, nation and nations! Once we understand the audience, we can speak to them as part of their community and Pepolls is crafted to help you reach, engage, share and value your community.

Poll your community test your value and understand the need.

When you have a big idea or you are looking to launch or test a new product/service that you want to get right, it can save you a lot of time and money to concept test it through traditional methods before you bring it to the world. Pepolls allows you to refine a product concept, ad campaign, or even service by getting feedback directly from your target market. All you need is some clicks to test your proposed value and get the needed understanding directly from your future customers.

Connect with your community through open discussions.

Discussions are an open social solution that provides a space for community members to share ideas, debate topics and get to know each other. It allows members to collaborate and get to know other community members. It is an ideal opportunity for your audience to share their views and benefit from the knowledge of others. The Pepolls debate section creates a digital space for your members to connect and share while stimulating collaboration to work together towards common goals.

Convert community to experience your value.

If a company can transition from simply delivering a product to building a community, it can unlock extraordinary competitive advantages and create a superior business model. Strong communities help support the ideal business model. For that Pepolls supports your business value by giving you a tool to help you engage communities and reward them for their feedback. The result of this is very real network effects: as engagement grows, the community gets smarter, faster to respond, more globally available, and generates more value for both parties.

Assemble communities and trend your value.

The impact of trends on our society, our world, is more present than ever before. Every day, new happenings that influence our daily lives lead to more creative and innovative ideas related to people and businesses and one thing is clear: trends have the power to let us focus on the perception of “here and now”. Pepolls trend list is based on real community actions and helps you keep an eye on what communities discuss and need in real-time to help you in identifying new opportunities, facilitate strategic anticipation and alert you to what impacts your value.

Attract excited customers and loyal brand advocates

Pepolls nurtures your prospects through an omni-channel experience that is unique. The traditional marketing funnel is not cutting it anymore. Today’s consumer is not linear and cannot be put in a box. In order to succeed in winning them over, you have to adapt your marketing style to suit the savvy customer of today. Pepolls adopts a non-linear lifecycle-focused funnel to help you create a strategy for lasting brand success.


Let’s recap

Now, let’s see how the People Model translates into real value.
Introduce yourself to a new community in a creative way.


Test your value and understand the community needs.


Get a direct pipeline to your community via open discussions.


Drive the community to experience your value.


Assemble a community of promoters around your values


Fuse your sales and marketing funnels.

The marketing funnel vs. the sales funnel is a complex topic that can be discussed all day. However, it’s worth noting that sales and marketing are similar in many ways. For instance, both are activities that deal with psychology, cost value, and are driven to create value. The marketing funnel advertises a product or service to give prospects a reason to buy. The sales funnel, on the other hand, deals with prospects (from the marketing funnel), getting them to buy, not once, but as often as possible.

Your sales and marketing teams need the best possible tool to be as productive as possible. With The People Model, you get a world-class tool and everything your domestic or international business needs, all in one system.

Sales funnel
People model
Marketing funnel

Pepolls turns your funnel into an ice cream cone.

Your marketing funnel is the path communities take during their journey with you, from introduction to, ideally, conversion. Although funnels look like pretty stable objects, in the marketing world, it’s still easy for users to fall through the cracks and wander off the trail, where they can get eaten by bears (i.e. your competitors). At the top of our ice cream cone funnel, it is all about seduction (rewarding). The sprinkles (polls), the whipped cream (debate), the chocolate sauce (trends) – it is all there to entice users. With Pepolls, it never stops there, as you will also take them to the chocolate bit through Pestore. By giving them a taste of your value proposition, you will convert leads and create ambassadors.

Marketing Qualified Leads
Sales Qualified Leads

You are ready to start!

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