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Designed by people, based on people and made for people.

Pepolls’ growth is rooted in cutting-edge technology and a people-centric approach for creative and participative minds.

Pepolls’ the social network

Take the leap of faith and join the decentralized digital world. Pepolls is here to help you explore a powerful growing digital movement to regain control over Data and increase your digital well-being.

A step toward digital freedom.

Dedicate technology in favor of humanity.

According to Edelman’s Trust Barometer 2020, trust in tech dropped by 6 points globally (to 68 on a scale of 100). The negative impact of tech on society involves mass-made products, with most often blamed: social media. A multitude of research has been made on the topic where social media is listed as a number one place with misinformation, hate speech, and harassment on the one hand, and a place leaving people isolated and depressed on the other. Yet one cannot go without admitting that the development and adoption of technology have helped societies raise productivity, inclusivity of services, and improve overall well-being. Pepolls the social Dapp is part of a concept that uses technology in favor of societies to uphold open society values by enabling an information ecosystem that stewards our capacity for shared understanding rather than optimizing for engagement

Pepolls & blockchain

As data is the new gold, we believe in the right of its ownership, usage, and benefit from it. Pepolls empowers freedom of speech and choice for every action and value delivered to the world.

Why Blockchain as technology.

Safe and decentralized social network.

As a poll-based dapp (decentralized app), we believe that security, transparency, and integrity should be the essence of the technology we use. That is why we use Blockchain as the main core of our application, as it is a better, safer way to record activities and keep data fresh while maintaining a record of its history. The data cannot be corrupted by anyone or accidentally deleted, and you benefit from both a historical trail of data, plus an instantly up-to-date record. Through technology, we aim to transform the world as we know it, supporting many areas’ faster development and bringing more equality and opportunity in a decentralized network. Blockchain in Pepolls secures its community identity experience in a proactive manner that ensures that their time ultimately feels well spent and safe.

Pepolls’ monetization

As web 3 becomes an infrastructure that allows the implementation of new tools of monetization, Pepolls enables its community to regain control over its data and give it the deserved value.

The evolution of monetizing in social media.

Get the best out of your digital experience.

Pepolls is built around a community-sharing model and instead of spending large budgets on traditional marketing to attract and acquire potential leads, it rewards communities and motivates them to increase their interest in the product/service provided.

Monetization provides a unique peer-to-peer experience with the target audience to create interactive collaborations. Pepolls monetization is a far cry from the norm where companies simply collect and identify trends and use them to develop marketing strategies. It boosts your marketing, attracts new prospects and converts them into customers while investing in your target audience instead of paying to intercept their digital experience. The social Dapp unleashes the full potential of your business and helps you get the right opinion, feedback, and proposal directly from your audience to create significant business value.

Pepolls’ Token

By integrating Pecoin into the social experience, Pepolls aims to eliminate the control over data and reinvigorate the lost concept of meritocracy. It is a means for engaging and connecting communities in order to grow in a decentralized ecosystem.

Reshaping digital marketing to a win-win contract.

Reward instead of interrupting your audience.

With generations Y and Z exhibiting unique online behavior, brands need to evolve their marketing strategies and reconsider their delivery methods, especially given the considerable interest in the social aspects of gaming. With these generations driving new trends in data privacy, digital advertising must be reshaped.

While all social media available rely on profile data where the user signs up to be the product, Pepolls is here to change that by making actions count and interactions have value.

Pecoin is our core ERC20 token, based on Ethereum, which we use as part of our advertising solution. It offers your audience instant liquidity for their interaction with monetized polls, as it can be redeemed for deals and coupons via Pestore.

Pepolls’ algorithm

Addiction, fraud, depression, and many more are hunting the digital world today. Pepolls algorithm is crafted toward a more intent-based stream to value your engagement and time.

Restoring digital freedom.

Technology dedicated to people.

In the last two decades, social media algorithms took the reins of determining which content to deliver to us based on our behavior in order to benefit only its owners and those who pay more. This is a problem because our world is not defined around a single type of content or a single type of behavior. Pepolls the social Dapp is here to change the game by giving you a digital experience with more human-centered algorithms. Our Dapp relies on an intent-based stream in which you can query the best content in relation to your interests. This new model of digital freedom will give you more value by connecting you to what really interests you and showing you trends based on real human actions.