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A worthwhile online presence.

Pepolls is a free poll-based social network that guarantees data ownership and space where you can interact autonomously in a self-sovereign decentralized space while rewarding your interactions with all parties with a next generation currency.

Content that goes beyond the showcase.

From now on, it is no longer about sharing your private life but about interacting with your network in a proactive way. With its unique approach, Pepolls allows you to understand your network and boost your daily life for a major development.

Join and take part in the discussion.

Interacting with your network is essential to establish a lasting connection between the two of you and encourage them to actively connect with you. Pepolls’ discussion feature will allow you to get to know them better and understand their opinions, personalities and more. You can participate or be invited to participate in discussions on topics that interest you or that you have in common with your network, which encourages peer-to-peer interactions.

Take controle.
Trend what is worth.

Favoring interesting concepts, ideas and user experience, you are in control of trends in Pepolls.

We recognize that what is algorithm based is exactly what other platforms need to keep their users online. That’s why Pepolls’ trending feature is based on physical human action and conscious choice, allowing you to understand what your networks are interested in and what really matters to them.

A seamless and fairly winning experience.

Pepolls is a social network where ads are presented as an opportunity, not an interruption. You control your feed and receive rewards for your interactions. It’s a balanced digital space where we collaborate to create better and more products and services based on thoughtful choices while enjoying a delightful experience, valuing our time, ideas and data.
Unlike other Tokens, Pecoin is

A digital currency (crypto-token) invented to value your time and your interactions with Pepolls communities and users. It doesn’t stop there, it’s also the currency that ensures your payments for goods, services and commissions on Pepolls ecosystem.

Through your wallet, you can collect, spend and transfer Pecoins and track the history of all your transactions.

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