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Cypher Out – Veni Vidi Vici

As we wrap up Cypher Out Hackathon, all Pepolls team want to thank Mr Governor of the Central Bank of Tunisia, Mr Marwen Abbasi and all the Central Bank team for making our event a success and for all the support provided. It really went from a dream to a celebration of youth and innovation.

Aware of its role and its impact in this beautiful country that is Tunisia, the Central Bank of Tunisia is working on its deep digital and regulatory transformation to achieve its strategic vision: « to be a modern, proactive and efficient central bank, at the forefront of economic and financial transformations ».

It is in this voluntarist spirit that the Central Bank has launched its first strategic plan, which includes components related to financial inclusion and the concerns of our fellow citizens, especially young people, by anchoring our desire to relax foreign exchange regulations and support startups, but also concrete advances in digitalization based on its first digital maturity index which is a pivot that puts the Citizen with a capital C at the center of new solutions in the areas of foreign trade operations and especially the systems and means of payment in tune with the best in the world.

This Tunisia, plural by its diversity and unique by its future, capitalizes on its greatest wealth, its human capital whose youth is the spearhead and is at the heart of the mission and ambitions of the Bank.

It is for all of this and especially for all of us that we are here to support this wonderful experience and that we are moving from

« I have a dream »

to a

« veni vidi vici »

For you, but also with you.