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Cypher Out – Building without boundaries

Cypher out hackathon was organized by Pepolls, Forex Club Tunisie and AIESEC Tunisia with the collaboration of TAWA Digital Talents and IIDebate, The event was supported by the Central Bank of Tunisia and held in 18 and 19 June 2022 inside its historical building in Avenue Hedi Nouira.

The hackathon was a gathering of different groups and individuals who, beyond their social status, believe in their ability to bring change and play an active role as part of Tunisian society. It aimed to assemble young people to foster change in our beloved country and to inspire each other in an atmosphere of challenge and competition.

All participants who spent 48 hours developing ideas for Tunisia got the opportunity to get different trainings and mentorship sessions from amazing mentors: the UXers, MenaPik, Design Tounsi, Smart Capital, and the content creators Achref Ouali Aka El9anounji and Oussama Triter.

Since actions are always stronger than words, the idea was to move into action by inviting Tunisian youth to come together and propose creative solutions and create a synergy that will assemble students, startups, influencers, organizations, and governmental entities all in order to team up as « partners for goals ».

We are always grateful to all the people who took part in the success of the event and let’s keep watching for 2023!