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Pepolls AIR… it’s pepolls year!

From one achievement to another, Pepolls team is proud to announce that we obtained the Flywheel program AIR operated by Startup Tunisia and its partners, the Tunisian Deposit and Consignment Office (CDC), GIZ and the World Bank.

This grant is awarded to projects with high innovation and scalability potential, and covers activities and expenses for the purchase of goods and services (other than consulting services) carried out in accordance with agreed procedures for one of the following activities:

  • Proof-of-concept development, the first version of the technology solution
  • Prototyping: to take a product from the laboratory to a product that can meet a market need
  • Market Assessment: Understanding the potential market for a technical product from a research organization

Pepolls has managed to go through the different criteria of eligibility and more importantly as being at the stage of development of a POC with technological and innovative character and a strong potential for growth.

Thanks, Smart Capital and partners for trusting in our project and in 2022, buckle up, the ride is about to be fast…